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As a Project Manager at MoonBase3, Sarah tends to multiple programming duties as well as helps and manages customer satisfaction. She enjoys making sure all of MB3's clients have the best possible results and achieve their website goals. Sarah’s work ethic and her desire to learn are unmatched. She enjoys drawing stick figure comics on the side. ;)

Advanced Wordpress Plugins To Install

3 Advanced WordPress Plugins Worth Installing

A few weeks ago we shared five basic WordPress plugins we usually install when building a new site. This week, we’re sharing three of the more advanced plugins we install. Advanced plugins aren’t necessarily difficult or complex to understand, but their versatility and behind-the-scenes code are more robust and can accomplish more intricate tasks than […]

Tips for Purchasing a WordPress Theme

What to Look For When Purchasing a WordPress Theme

The WordPress platform opens up a world of possibilities – it allows you to install a whole host of custom plugins, themes and other modifications that can help make your website visually unique, fully integrated, and very secure without having to know a lot of code. So what should you look for when buying a […]

5 Basic Wordpress Plugins

5 Basic WordPress Plugins Worth Installing

WordPress represents a huge part of the internet. There are more than 76.5 million websites built with WordPress, and with 50,000 new WordPress websites added daily, that number continues to rise. It’s kind of a big deal. It’s no secret that we love WordPress, and we work with it on a lot of projects. One […]

DIY Your Website or Hire A Professional?

DIY Your Website or Hire a Professional? The Good and The Not-So-Good

Creating a website for your business that’s fresh, innovative, to-the-point and helpful to your customers can be a challenge. A lot of questions will swirl around in your head – How much time will it take? What will it cost? What do your customers want? Where do you start? You may even wonder whether this […]

Thank Goodness It’s Monday! TGI…M?

That’s right, Connecticut! Thank goodness it’s Monday and SPRING has arrived! Monday is universally considered the worst day of the week for us 9-5’ers; though, to be fair to Monday, it’s never had a chance to be anything else. So, here at MoonBase3, we decided to try and put a little joy into our Monday. […]