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About Sarah

As a Project Manager at MoonBase3, Sarah tends to multiple programming duties as well as helps and manages customer satisfaction. She enjoys making sure all of MB3's clients have the best possible results and achieve their website goals. Sarah’s work ethic and her desire to learn are unmatched. She enjoys drawing stick figure comics on the side. ;)

Life of a Programmer

The life of a programmer can be a solemn one – most programmers are known to like dark and quiet offices, getting their work done and delving deep into their code – but almost all programmers are fond of having a little window by which to watch the world pass. And in Connecticut, it’s been […]


Ever find yourself in the middle of what seems to be an endless problem? I think one of the hardest problems we face is not enough time. Who actually has the time to sit there and literally count every single lick until they reach the center of the lollipop? I know I don’t have that […]

Snow Day

Ah the joy of a snow day in Connecticut! Here you actually get to leave work early (for once), and being the experienced driver that you are you’re not worried about a little snow!