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3 Quick Facebook Tips to Make Your Page More Awesome


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You’ve seen them a million times. Suggestions on how to fix what you’re doing wrong on social media. Some of them are no-brainers – post consistently, use photos, interact with users, etc. – but here’s a list of three quick tips we feel don’t get enough attention:


1. Don’t over-hashtag. If you hashtag, use 1-2 per post, and make sure they’re hyper-relevant to your post. If you wouldn’t search for something on Facebook using that hashtag, chances are no one else will either.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.16.51 AM

2. Use your Call-To-Action button. It’s an easy way for your business to direct page visitors to take action (Buy, Visit, Download, etc.)

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 10.17.10 AM

3. Re-size your pictures. Facebook shared images should be 1200×630, so you can be sure nothing important gets cropped. There are a bunch of free online tools you can use.

Poor guy, he probably used to have legs :(

You live & you learn. Poor guy, he probably used to have legs 🙁


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Written by Aerin


Aerin is the Consumer Engagement Manager at MB3. She brings 10 years of social media and marketing experience to the table, and she has a passion for great content, strategy and problem solving. She loves all thing digital, but also enjoys sending snail mail in her spare time.