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3 Quick Pinterest Tips to Make Your Profile More Awesome

Make Your Pinterest Page More Awesome

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1. When creating a new board, make sure it’s polished. Once created, fill with at least 10 pins, and don’t forget to name your new board appropriately and add a description with relevant keywords. Change your featured board photo to something with high recognition (even at a smaller size) that best represents what the board is about.


2. Pin often and use hashtags for keywords users might be searching for. Remember that a majority of the Pinterest audience skews toward women looking for fashion, planning, recipes, and DIY tips.


3. Make sure your Pinterest page has relevance for your business. Pinterest is a social network that does not make sense for all businesses. If you can’t think of at least 5 useful boards that are relevant to what your business does, you may want to rethink using Pinterest as part of your digital marketing strategy.


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Written by Aerin


Aerin is the Consumer Engagement Manager at MB3. She brings 10 years of social media and marketing experience to the table, and she has a passion for great content, strategy and problem solving. She loves all thing digital, but also enjoys sending snail mail in her spare time.