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5 Apps I Can’t Live Without (iPhone 6)

5 iPhone Apps Kate Jones Can't Live Without

So I think I’m kind of a traditionalist. I don’t really explore the app store or download every hot new app out there. That being said, there are still a few apps that help me with my day-to-day. Aside from social media apps (which I use frequently), here are 5 iPhone apps I can’t live without.

1. Pandora (Free)
I haven’t jumped on the Spotify wagon yet, and I’m still using the free version of Pandora because I find the interface very simple, and because I don’t necessarily crave specific music more than I like to listen to one genre or another. Pandora’s radio stations handle this well. Whether it’s music on a plane or train or impromptu dance parties with my kids (yes, I have a Kidz Bop station) I love Pandora for it all.

2. YouTube (Free)
When I do crave a song that reminds me, “of that time when…”, or I need to look up how to do pretty much anything, YouTube is my go-to. And of course, with thousands of nostalgic music videos, it also always proves to be a great distraction for a few minutes.

3. Slack (Free)
We use slack at MB3 to keep in touch and stay on task, so it’s an awesome direct-line to the office when I’m on-the-go. With instant messaging through group chats or direct conversations, it eliminates back and forth emails and pushes multi-tasking to a whole other level for me.

4. Cluster (Free)
I recently found Cluster thanks to a group of my friends. It’s all about group photo sharing – you can create a private event and invite people to share their photos and videos from said event all in one place. For me, since I never remember to take pictures, it’s an awesome way to relive occasions and memories from my friends and family’s photos and videos.

5. Beat the Traffic (Free)
I know that Waze is the new craze, but I use Beat the Traffic. I’m on the go a LOT, especially to NYC and Boston, and Beat the Traffic is does a great job of offering the most efficient routes and allowing me to, well… beat the traffic!

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Guest Post by Kate Jones

Kate Jones

Kate co-leads the team at MB3. As a long time Account Exec, she has managed a variety of clients, from local Mom and Pops to giant Global Brands, working on both planning and creative sides. With more than 15 years of experience in both traditional and new media, Kate offers a holistic view and elevates client conversations from a simple site to robust piece of a client’s marketing plan.