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5 Apps I Can’t Live Without (Mobile & Web)

5 Apps I Can't Live Without - Web & Mobile
I don’t tend to use many digital solutions in my personal life, but there are a lot that have become very useful in my professional life. I love to read, stay organized and get stuff done – the apps below help me to do that on a day-to-day basis.

1. GoodReads (Free)
As an avid reader, this is a great place for me to keep track of the next book I want to read. It even helps me keep track of and review books I’ve already read, and gives me a place to keep up with new work by my favorite authors.

2. Box (Freemium)
I use box mostly for work – it’s a good place to access files anywhere, anytime, from any device. It’s also a great place to backup files in case my computer decides to kick the bucket. They even offer free storage up to 10 GB for personal accounts!

3. Habitica (Formerly HabitRPG) (Free)
I wear a lot of hats, both in my professional and personal life, so I need a great to-do list app to keep track of all the things I have to get done. Bonus? This app is set up like an Role Playing Game (RPG) – complete tasks on a regular basis to level up your character, get bigger weapons to help you defeat monsters and participate in quests with users trying to create similar habits!

4. Teamwork ($12 & up)
We have a lot of projects on any given day at MoonBase3, and Teamwork is the solution we use to keep track of every detail. Task lists, meeting notes, calendars, status updates, milestones and more – it’s extremely robust, feature-packed and easy to use. Bonus: it has lots of integrations for the other apps we already use like Box.

5. Sublime ($70 License)
This is my go-to app for frontend development at work. It has sweet customizations, split editing and a pretty stellar command palette among a host of other cool features. It runs smoothly on my PC, and helps me get any coding on my to-do list done quickly and simply.

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Written by Sarah


As a Project Manager at MoonBase3, Sarah tends to multiple programming duties as well as helps and manages customer satisfaction. She enjoys making sure all of MB3’s clients have the best possible results and achieve their website goals. Sarah’s work ethic and her desire to learn are unmatched.

She enjoys drawing stick figure comics on the side. 😉