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Sooo Cooold


Sooo Cooold! Given the recent cold waves in Connecticut this winter we here at MoonBase3 decided to honor it with a little Whiteboard comic and a contest!

We scoured the Connecticut records to find out when and where in Connecticut it was actually the coldest, to remind us that even though it was bitterly cold outside it wasn’t record breaking (a warming thought to some yet little comfort to most ;)).

The date was simple – February 16th, 1943 – but the where and how cold was a little more interesting. We here at MB3 saw a great opportunity for a little contest!

The question: On February 16th 1943 which town had the coldest temperature and what was that temperature? The reward: a $50.00 gift card to Dunkin Donuts! That’ll warm anybody up!

The answer: Norfolk, CT at -37 degrees(f)! (Wow that’s cold! :O)

Congratulations to our winner Josh McSweeny! You nailed it!

Enjoy, stay warm and keep running on Dunkin Connecticut!!!

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Written by Sarah


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She enjoys drawing stick figure comics on the side. 😉