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12 Hints That You Might Need To Rethink Your Website

Is your website out of date? Still using an animated flaming skull gif or red, bold, underlined text to emphasize your CTA? You probably need a new website.

  1. It only works on Internet Explorer
  2. When Geocities went down, so did your website
  3. Your blog is hosted on LiveJournal
  4. You have a visitor counter
  5. It has a flash intro or uses iframes
  6. A midi song auto-plays when users land on the homepage
  7. Your website uses JavaScript cursor effects
  8. It includes the words “lorem ipsum” anywhere
  9. The copyright date in your footer is 2010 or older
  10. Your website is nothing but keywords instead of relevant, useful content
  11. Your analytics look like a bad EKG (flat-line with a few blips)
  12. A quick look doesn’t tell someone what you do/sell

Don’t worry! This is what we do best. We’ll work with you and your team to develop a fresh strategy and make you a beautiful, current, effective website. Give us a call! We’d love to help.

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Written by Aerin


Aerin is the Consumer Engagement Manager at MB3. She brings 10 years of social media and marketing experience to the table, and she has a passion for great content, strategy and problem solving. She loves all thing digital, but also enjoys sending snail mail in her spare time.