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The Importance of Being a Social Business

Importance of Being A Social Business

Where do you look when you want to find out what the name of that guy in that thing was? How about what’s on the menu at the new restaurant down the road? And how do you find directions to get there?

Why, the internet, of course! Today, anyone can find a slew of useful information (and wonderful nonsense) with a just few taps or clicks. It’s part of how we learn, how we function at work and at home, and in some cases, part of who we are. There’s no getting around it – the world wide web is king. crown  In fact, more than 85% of US households* have access to high-speed internet, which they no doubt use for cat videos almost as much as they do for staying connected.

As a business, if you don’t have an active online presence, you could be seriously missing out. Taking it one step further – engaging in conversations and creating relationships with your customers – will build brand loyalty, brand awareness, and make you look awesome to boot.

We’ve seen what social can do, and we believe it needs to be an integral part of every businesses digital strategy. So starting now, MoonBase3 is officially offering a whole new selection of services focused around social and consumer engagement. We want to help your business get Shares on Facebook, Retweets on Twitter, and Comments on LinkedIn.

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*Internet Users by Country (2014), http://www.internetlivestats.com/internet-users-by-country/
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Written by Aerin


Aerin is the Consumer Engagement Manager at MB3. She brings 10 years of social media and marketing experience to the table, and she has a passion for great content, strategy and problem solving. She loves all thing digital, but also enjoys sending snail mail in her spare time.