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three quick twitter tips to make your profile more awesome

3 Quick Twitter Tips to Make Your Profile More Awesome

Be sure to check out the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn posts in our 3 Quick Tips Series. 1. Use a mixture of #generic and #SpecificAndRelevant hashtags to help users find your content. Think of hashtags like keywords or search terms used by content seekers. More than half of earth’s inhabitants (4B) use a #mobilephone. […]

6 benefits of social media for business

Don’t Be Anti-Social – 6 Benefits to Social Media for Business

Social media provides businesses small and large with the ability to interact with and reach new customers like no other marketing tactic before it. It can do amazing, wonderful things, and it should be a piece of the marketing strategy for most businesses. That’s right, we said most, because social does not work for all […]

The Proof Is In The Pudding: Our Social Journey

The decision to add a social engagement arm to the MoonBase3 arsenal wasn’t taken lightly. In fact, we knew that we needed to prove to ourselves that we could believe in what we wanted to offer. And so, beginning in late February, we began to focus on our own social presence. This is the abridged […]

the importance of being a social business

The Importance of Being a Social Business

Where do you look when you want to find out what the name of that guy in that thing was? How about what’s on the menu at the new restaurant down the road? And how do you find directions to get there? Why, the internet, of course! Today, anyone can find a slew of useful […]