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Kate co-leads the team at MB3. As a long time Account Exec, she has managed a variety of clients, from local Mom and Pops to giant Global Brands, working on both planning and creative sides. With more than 15 years of experience in both traditional and new media, Kate offers a holistic view and elevates client conversations from a simple site to robust piece of a client’s marketing plan.

5 Easy Tips to Secure Your WordPress Site & Prevent Hacking

5 Easy Tips to Secure Your WordPress Site & Prevent Hacking

WordPress is the backbone for approximately 25% of the websites online today. For that very reason, it’s a major target for hackers. At MB3, we do a lot of work with WordPress, and so we often make recommendations to our clients on keeping their sites secure. Here are the top 5 pieces of advice we […]

10 Mobile Stats That Prove Mobile is King

In case you missed Mobilegeddon, Google announced mid last year that they would start penalizing websites that were not mobile friendly, ranking them lower in search results. Beginning in May of 2016, Google has announced it will come down even harder on non-mobile sites, and the punishment will be even more severe. Why the huge […]

How Adult Coloring Parallels Business

4 Ways Adult Coloring and Your Business Are Alike

Coloring books for adults have exploded as a trend – you can find them everywhere, even in the grocery checkout line. They’ve even published research on the benefits of adult coloring. Over the last two years, I’ve begun coloring again, too. Partly because of my kids, and partly as a tactic for stress relief. Until […]

9 Things You Need To Review Before Launching Your Website

So you’ve been working on a new website and you’re almost ready to launch. Finally. Your team and your customers have likely been anticipating this moment for a while now. But now matter how long it’s taken, there’s a list of things you’ve got to review before launching your new site. Your development team will […]

What Makes A Great Leader: Takeaways from the World Business Forum NYC

Last week I had the privilege of attending [and volunteering] at the World Business Forum NYC. The WBF is an annual global business summit that brings together over 5,000 attendees, consisting mostly of senior executives, from over 60 countries. It was an empowering and inspirational event and I plan to be a part of it […]

Why We Love Working With Startups

Why We Love Working With Start-ups

We work with a lot of young entrepreneurs and start-ups, and with good reason – we love doing it! They understand more than most that hard work, a great idea, and the drive to succeed against all odds are integral parts of any business venture. And it’s not just that – here are some more […]

How To Get Started Redesigning Your Website

How to Get Started When Redesigning Your Website

Whether it’s been six months or six years, every website needs redesigning when changes in technology or business practices occur. You might have a new product line, service, or branding refresh to share, or you could simply need to update your digital presence to reflect a more current technical framework. Either way, realizing you need […]

Website Budget Guidelines - MoonBase3

How Much Do Websites Cost? A Look At What You Can Get With Your Budget

I often compare the web industry to the contracting industry. It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories of homeowners who put their trust into a contractor and end up over budget and unhappy with the final product. The same is true for the web industry. As a client, it’s important to know what you want […]