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A Few Case Studies

Froyoworld (www.froyoworld.com)

logoFroyoWorld is the #1 frozen yogurt in New England and Puerto Rico! They’re continually growing franchise is iconic for its loveable mascot, ELFY, and its many delicious flavors – including their own Original Tart recipe! Froyoworld came to MoonBase3 looking for a new site design that captured their unique look and feel, while also giving them the ability to connect with their consumers through a socially integrated platform. MB3 tackled this project happily and enjoyed working on the creative new design and all the little intricacies that went into developing a socially responsive atmosphere. We provided the ability for consumers to vote for their favorite flavor and to have their twitter and instagram photos connected with the Froyoworld Social Wall. Not only did we make the site innovative for consumers, but we made it adaptive and seamless for Froyoworld headquarters as well, so that the site could continue to grow with the franchise. MB3 was proud to work hand in hand with Froyoworld to create an innovative and unique community.

The Six O’Clock Scramble (www.thescramble.com)

six_oclock_scrambleThe Six O’Clock Scramble’s mission is to improve the world one family dinner at a time by removing the stress of family dinner time each night with their amazing menu planning and recipe builder. Each week they provide five amazing meals in a custom menu planner for you to simply follow along. They provide nutritious, healthy and yummy meals each night. Not liking Tuesday’s meal? No worries! The Six O’clock Scramble has a complete database of recipes created by Aviva (the Scrambler herself), and they allow you to swap out different recipes and create your own weekly meal plan. The Scramble came to MoonBase3 to help them transform their technology and system into a more stable and future ready platform. We had the honor of developing a completely new backbone that took them out of a spaghetti code system and into a nice clean well organized library that would allow them to focus on growth and NEW features for their member base.

I have worked with many programmers during my 10+ years running an online business, and truly none compares to Aaron Connelly and MoonBase3. Aaron has a RARE combination of programming know-how, intelligence, a marketing sense, diligence, and a sense of humor. He and his team devise creative solutions, solve problems, are there for us when we have urgent issues, and follow through on his commitments, and always with charm and tact. They are truly a pleasure to work with and I would hate to think of trying to make things work without them.- Aviva Goldfarb, CEO, The Six O’Clock Scramble

International Society for Clinical Densitometry (www.iscd.org)

iscd_logo1The International Society for Clinical Densitometry (or ISCD for short) is dedicated to advancing excellence in the assessment of skeletal health through targeted channels. Their website provides a vast wealth of information on various related topics and also acts as a hub for their online education, member benefits and committee interaction. ISCD came to MoonBase3 because their old site needed help. After years of patched programming and multiple system integrations the site was clunky, outdated and users were frustrated. Our mission was a complete overhaul which resulted in a transformed branded design (and a tweaked logo), CMS and MMS integration, a custom online learning environment with a flexible evaluation system and certification process, integrated calculators and a revamped Ask an Expert System. The user experience was also enhanced through a single sign on process (Completely integration to NetForums API), a ‘My Links’ feature (to tag favorite pages of ISCD or add 3rd party resources), easier and streamlined account management, access to transcripts as well as all the newly remodeled member benefits system. Officially launched in January of 2013, the site continues to evolve and grow with the ISCD initiatives and we collaborate on new ideas and ways to help move the site ahead.

The New Children’s Museum (www.thechildrensmuseumct.org)

the_chidrens_museum_logoThe New Children’s Museum is a non profit organization whose mission is to provide education and understanding of science and nature to everyone young and old – well the young and old that reside in Connecticut. As the fifth oldest children’s museum in the nation, the institute is a staple in the West Hartford, Connecticut Community and with its state of the art Planetarium and onsite Animal Sanctuary, it is a great place for children to learn and grow. However, The New Children’s Museum faced a major challenge with its digital presence; its website was not truly communicating the brand and, more importantly, all that the museum has to offer. On top of outdated content and inconsistent design, the back-end was full of ‘spaghetti’ code and to top it off there was no one at the museum with enough development experience to update or manage the website. The results were unhappy users both internally and externally. The New Children’s Museum turned to MB3 for help. The top priority for this project was creating a website that enhanced both the front end experience for the consumers and a simplified back-end administration panel. A new look had to be implemented to represent the new vision of the Museum. By streamlining content and adjusting points of action it would make the user interface easier and more enjoyable. After meeting with the Museum team, it became apparent that updates needed to be simple and the system had to be user friendly but robust to hold the amount of information the Museum’s website had to provide. A CMS (WordPress) was the answer. The end result was a robust and beautiful new site with a overhauled front end and user friendly administrative panel where the individuals at the museum could manage their own sections of content. We continue to work together on overall digital strategy and making sure the site stays up to date.

Wilshire Consumer Credit (www.wilshireconsumer.com)

PrintWilshire Consumer Credit requested of MoonBase3 to build an application that allowed users to MMS pictures of their vehicles which would be sent automatically to Wilshire’s agents, who in turn could approve or deny a users loan request within minutes of reviewing proof of their vehicle. The project required MB3 to create an effective bridge from our Mobile MMS gateway provider to Wilshire’s internal applications and systems. This process allowed Wilshire Consumer Credit to quickly and effectively connect their loan officers and consumers; thus providing consumers with instant customer service and WCC with a streamlined communication platform.

Moonbase3 assisted us with streamlining our process of having our customers MMS go directly to our email inbox. This was done by setting up a short code for our customer to send their MMS. Aaron from MB3 was knowledgeable setting up the whole backend to make this work seamlessly. I would recommend MB3 to any company looking to streamline their internal processes.<br/ > – Wilshire Consumer Credit

The Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) (www.ct.org)

ct_logoThe Connecticut Technology Council (CTC) is a statewide association of technology oriented companies and institutions, providing leadership in areas of policy advocacy, community building and assistance for growing companies. Their website is a hub for latest tech news and events in CT and acts as a major resource for organizations and associations alike.  As such, CTC faced a challenge of an outdated website, that did not represent their organization. When tasked with the job of the CT.org site overhaul, our mission was to not only to update the look and feel of the site, but to update the technology driving it. MB3 needed to ensure that the CTC both front end and back end was up to par. After working side by side to reorganize and streamline the site’s content, MB3 moved the site to WordPress and customized a new responsive theme. Adding both  custom and a few WP plugins, we created a core system that would drive the new site. Content was loaded (including 500 blog entries) and VOILA! Officially launched on September 5th 2013, the CTC site is now a sleek modern version of its former self. Responsive, clean and minimal, the new site is still able to provide its audience with great events, news and information for the CT Tech community.

Moonbase3 worked within our budget and gave us clean, beautiful, functional results. They offered guidance and support every step of the way, and we were very pleased with the final product.

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