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Applications, both native and web, are in high demand

The ever increasing levels of consumer engagement being conducted through handhelds and in on-the-move environments drives the application marketplace.  Apps, offer key ways to engage consumers and businesses alike on the go.

A natural evolution from websites, MoonBase3 has had the opportunity to expand our capabilities into the mobile app and web app fields. Our experience ranges in creating a variety of different types of mobile and web applications that not only work together but work for our clients.

Mobile Applications / Android and iOS Apps


MoonBase3 has a full Mobile Application team from designers to developers. We can handle and manage the entire Application development process from start to finish. Primarily, we work within the Titanium Framework and harness its amazing power to push out both iOS and Android Apps. We also have the ability to develop native Apps for both iOS and Android.

SMS and MMS Applications

SMS and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) continue to drive a large segment of the mobile marketplace. “Texts” create instant streamlined dialogue among families and friends, and have modeled themselves into an acceptable (and efficient) form of communication for employers, companies, brands, and of interest organizations. Companies are trying to find ways to tap into this market and do it effectively. That is where MoonBase3 comes in, we have the technology to get you there and we have the marketing direction to make sure your messages are interacting with your consumers effectively.

A real world problem and solution

PrintWilshire Consumer Credit – Requested from MoonBase3 to build an application that allowed users to MMS pictures of their vehicles which would be sent automatically to Wilshire’s agents, who in turn could approve or deny a users loan request within minutes of reviewing proof of their vehicle. The project required MB3 to create an effective bridge from our Mobile MMS gateway provider to Wilshire’s internal applications and systems. This process allowed Wilshire Consumer Credit to quickly and effectively connect their loan officers and consumers. Thus providing consumers with instant customer service and WCC with a streamlined communication platform.

Moonbase3 assisted us with streamlining our process of having our customers MMS go directly to our email inbox. This was done by setting up a short code for our customer to send their MMS. Aaron from MB3 and his team were knowledgeable setting up the whole backend to make this work seamlessly. I would recommend MB3 to any company looking to streamline their internal processes.
Wilshire Consumer Credit

Here are some samples of our team’s work:

We would love to work with you on your Mobile or SMS / MMS project, if you are interested to discuss your project in greater detail give us a call at 860.263.3779 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Did you know?

MB3Studios, parent company to MoonBase3, is underway on a new and highly effective SMS and MMS gateway solution? Our system helps you market, strategize, and communicate with your consumers via SMS and MMS. Stay tuned for some exciting news!