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3 Growing Trends in Web Design

Here are 3 growing web design trends that everyone should know about, especially if you are considering creating a new website or updating your current one.

#1 – Responsive Design
An estimated 25% of web-viewing is happening via a mobile device – did you know that? Responsive Design (in short) gives your website the ability to adapt its layout to fit any device being used to view your site, ultimately ensuring that your users are getting the best experience. It’s crucial that your content is viewed and devoured the way you intend and not by zooming in and out to navigate clumsily around a smaller screen.  Here’s more about responsive.

#2 – Minimal Designs
You know the saying, “Less is More”? Well, as screens get smaller and we have less space to deliver our message, the way we think about design has to change. Design now means presenting information concisely and beautifully. With the rise of content marketing, for many industries it’s less about the fancy colors and more about relevant information. Think lots of white space, icons & high impact imagery (when needed).

#3 – Embedding Video
FACT: Video is one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience and deliver your message. A video delivers your content and creates impact, period. If done properly, videos can also be a terrific standalone marketing tool.

We just finished a great site that combines all three of these trends, check it out:
Internal Combustion

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Guest Post by Kate Jones

Kate Jones

Kate co-leads the team at MB3. As a long time Account Exec, she has managed a variety of clients, from local Mom and Pops to giant Global Brands, working on both planning and creative sides. With more than 15 years of experience in both traditional and new media, Kate offers a holistic view and elevates client conversations from a simple site to robust piece of a client’s marketing plan.