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5 Web Apps I Can’t Live Without

5 Apps i can't live without - Aaron

There’s no denying it – web apps are at the core of pretty much every modern business. We love using them at MoonBase3 almost as much as we love building them for our clients. There is a much longer list of the ones we use daily (more on that later), but here are the top 5 web apps I can’t live without:

1. RightSignature ($11 & up)
Our business requires a lot of documents and a lot of signatures. We need to make sure the full scope of every project is understood, and RightSignature helps us do that digitally. In less than a minute, you can upload an NDA, Proposal or Scope of Work and send it off to a client to be signed either by “hand” (mouse) or by typing their name. Very fast and very efficient.

2. Google Drive (Free with Gmail account)
As with any team, being able to work on timelines, proposals, outlines and even blog posts as a team is very important to us. Google makes that a lot easier with Drive – everything is stored in one place, shared only with those you choose and a lot like the Office products you’re used to. It makes document collaboration on docs, spreadsheets and presentations a breeze.

3. BitBucket (Freemium)
Code repositories are essential for any solid development firm. Not only do you need a way to keep your code readily available, secured and backed-up, but you also need a way to track changes, bugs and the ‘oh drat did somebody really just delete my code’ notes. BitBucket provides us with a solid GIT system that lets us keep our code repositories in the cloud, backed up and available to all of our developers. It is absolutely vital for our teams to stay connected and our code backed-up.

4. Stripe (Cost per transaction)
If you want to take payments on your website, Stripe is a no-brainer. With simple, low transaction fees, easy integration and no monthly usage fee, Stripe is what we most often use on our clients websites as well as our own. While there can be some drawbacks (longer wait times for deposits than some other options), it is extremely secure and integrates seamlessly with almost every system out there.

5. CodePen.io (Freemium)
CodePen lets our developers share snippets of code from any location. It also provides a great tool to help newcomers from Stack Overflow learn the ropes. I enjoy this web app because within seconds I can load any library I want and do a quick test. This saves me time, a valued commodity among any developer.

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Written by Aaron Connelly

Aaron Connelly

Aaron Connelly is a Partner and the Lead Developer at MoonBase3. He has been developing websites for over 15 years and has experience in many different fields. Website design and development is a great passion for him and he strives to keep MoonBase3 pushing the boundaries of web technology.