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5 Insanely Important Reasons to Have a Business Website


Whether your business is opening soon or has been open for decades, it should have a presence on the web. An up-to-date social media account is a great start, but for maximum digital exposure, your business needs to have a website. It can be a few simple pages with basic information, or it can be a robust, dynamic site with a database of your products and eCommerce capabilities. Regardless of the size, you need a place to tell current and potential customers who you are, what you’re offering, and why they should care.

#1 – It’s an Amazing Sales Tool
69% of Americans seek out advice and opinions on goods and services before purchasing. Your website offers instant, relevant information to those customers. In a click or two, they can find product or service information, FAQs, associated costs, reviews, testimonials and even learn more about you as a business.

#2 – It Helps Reinforce Your Brand
Who are you? What do you represent? Your website can provide an impactful visual representation of your brand that can engage users and influence their decisions. It allows your brand to communicate its mission and values with your entire customer base at once.

#3- It Makes You Accessible 24-7
Even if you’re only open 9 to 5, a great website will make your company appear available to consumers any time they need you. Your website can create an direct path for connecting and engaging with your consumers on an individual level if you include instant chat or even just a contact form. Don’t forget to check your messages often!

#4 – It Opens You Up to New Markets
It’s called the world-wide-web for a reason, and having a website can vastly broaden your consumer base. It could reach customers in the next town over or on another continent – but without one, you’re only reaching those that drive or walk by your storefront, assuming you have one.

#5 – It’s an Inexpensive Marketing Tool
If you’re a business owner, you’re likely concerned with the bottom line. Contrary to what some believe, websites are an extremely affordable way of marketing your business. There are lots of online tools geared towards helping you build a simple website, or you can hire a freelancer or web firm to build a custom site. On top of that, leveraging a CMS System like WordPress can give you the ability to control and manage the content on your site.

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Written by Aaron Connelly

Aaron Connelly

Aaron Connelly is a Partner and the Lead Developer at MoonBase3. He has been developing websites for over 15 years and has experience in many different fields. Website design and development is a great passion for him and he strives to keep MoonBase3 pushing the boundaries of web technology.