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Should You Blog That? 9 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Should you blog that? Questions to ask

Having a blog on your website can be an important and worthwhile endeavor, provided your business has the time and resources to maintain it. Great content and quality headlines and post frequency are all key factors in a successful blog. But a blog shouldn’t just be a string of sales flyers and press releases – the majority of posts should include smart, original content aimed at helping your customers and building positive brand awareness.

Don’t just take our word for it – companies who blog receive 97% more links back to their website, and 70% of customers say that blogs influence what they buy. But a blog without good content is like a plant without water – it might look good, but it can’t grow.

So, should you blog about it? Before you set out to write a post, as yourself these questions:

1.  Do you have something to say that’s of interest to your customers?

2.  Do you understand what a user would be searching for when they find this blog?

3.  Do you understand why a user would want this information?

4.  Is it useful, helpful content?

5.  Is it somehow related to your company & it’s products or services?

6.  Will the topic put your company in a positive light in the eyes of the customers reading it?

7.  Will it be written (or reviewed) by someone with a good grasp of grammar, spelling, and punctuation?

8.  Is the topic good for a wide audience or good for your entire audience?

9.  Does the topic align with your overall marketing strategy?

If you answered “no” to any of the above in regards to your post idea, you may not want to blog about it.

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Written by Aerin


Aerin is the Consumer Engagement Manager at MB3. She brings 10 years of social media and marketing experience to the table, and she has a passion for great content, strategy and problem solving. She loves all thing digital, but also enjoys sending snail mail in her spare time.