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Should you blog that? Questions to ask

Should You Blog That? 9 Questions to Ask Yourself First

Having a blog on your website can be an important and worthwhile endeavor, provided your business has the time and resources to maintain it. Great content and quality headlines and post frequency are all key factors in a successful blog. But a blog shouldn’t just be a string of sales flyers and press releases – […]

9 Things You Need To Review Before Launching Your Website

So you’ve been working on a new website and you’re almost ready to launch. Finally. Your team and your customers have likely been anticipating this moment for a while now. But now matter how long it’s taken, there’s a list of things you’ve got to review before launching your new site. Your development team will […]

5 Insanely Important Reasons to Have a Business Website

Every business should have a presence on the web – period. It can be a few simple pages with basic information or a robust dynamic site with real time support and e-store capabilities; but no matter how big or how small, every business should be online. Here are some of advantages a well constructed website can bring.

9 Email Marketing Strategies To Stop

9 Email Marketing Strategies You Should Stop Using Right Now

1. Email marketing without permission Seth Godin’s idea of Permission Marketing is a really important one. It states that if you didn’t get some form of permission to market to (or in this case email) someone, you shouldn’t. If you’re using email marketing to contact someone without their permission, you’re essentially sending SPAM. Getting permission […]

What You Need To Know To Work Digital Marketing Into A Small Budget

Google Business Page This is one of the first things you should do when your business goes online and you’re starting to look at digital marketing. You can claim your Google Business Page absolutely free, and it allows you to show up at the top right in most Google search results relating to your company. […]

App Store Optimization and Why You Need it

If you’ve developed and published a mobile app recently, then you know one of the biggest challenges is not in app creation, but in distribution and marketing. Between converting website and mobile web visitors and the rise of mobile social media, it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of mobile app installs still come […]

Stop Advertisement Overkill and Embrace Inbound

Who Else Wants To Stop Advertisement Overkill?

Part of what I do at MoonBase3 involves content marketing – on a daily basis, I get to read a lot of really cool articles about marketing, tech and life as we know it. It might be my favorite part of the job. The more articles I read, the more I’m seeing how important it […]

Make Your Pinterest Page More Awesome

3 Quick Pinterest Tips to Make Your Profile More Awesome

Be sure to check out the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn posts in our 3 Quick Tips Series. 1. When creating a new board, make sure it’s polished. Once created, fill with at least 10 pins, and don’t forget to name your new board appropriately and add a description with relevant keywords. Change your featured […]