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3 Keys to a Great 404 Page (Plus One Bonus)

If you have a website, it’s inevitable – someone will come across a page that doesn’t exist. Whether it’s a blog post you moved or a mistyped link, users are bound to come across a 404 page at one point or another. Most WordPress themes thankfully come with custom 404 pages, but if you’ve got […]

9 Key Elements of an Effective Homepage

The homepage of your website is not only the first page users visit – it’s also the first impression of yourself or your company that they experience. It needs to have a lot of key elements in order to convince a user to stay on your website, and more importantly, to investigate further. Want users […]

3 Growing Trends in Web Design

Here are 3 growing web design trends that everyone should know about, especially if you are considering creating a new website or updating your current one. #1 – Responsive Design An estimated 25% of web-viewing is happening via a mobile device – did you know that? Responsive Design (in short) gives your website the ability […]