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3 Keys to a Great 404 Page (Plus One Bonus)

If you have a website, it’s inevitable – someone will come across a page that doesn’t exist. Whether it’s a blog post you moved or a mistyped link, users are bound to come across a 404 page at one point or another. Most WordPress themes thankfully come with custom 404 pages, but if you’ve got […]

5 Easy Tips to Secure Your WordPress Site & Prevent Hacking

5 Easy Tips to Secure Your WordPress Site & Prevent Hacking

WordPress is the backbone for approximately 25% of the websites online today. For that very reason, it’s a major target for hackers. At MB3, we do a lot of work with WordPress, and so we often make recommendations to our clients on keeping their sites secure. Here are the top 5 pieces of advice we […]

9 Key Elements of an Effective Homepage

The homepage of your website is not only the first page users visit – it’s also the first impression of yourself or your company that they experience. It needs to have a lot of key elements in order to convince a user to stay on your website, and more importantly, to investigate further. Want users […]

9 Things You Need To Review Before Launching Your Website

So you’ve been working on a new website and you’re almost ready to launch. Finally. Your team and your customers have likely been anticipating this moment for a while now. But now matter how long it’s taken, there’s a list of things you’ve got to review before launching your new site. Your development team will […]

5 Insanely Important Reasons to Have a Business Website

Every business should have a presence on the web – period. It can be a few simple pages with basic information or a robust dynamic site with real time support and e-store capabilities; but no matter how big or how small, every business should be online. Here are some of advantages a well constructed website can bring.

14 Ways to Increase Your Web Traffic

14 Ways to Get More Website Traffic

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a great website with plenty of content, but you just aren’t getting in front of enough eyeballs. Sure, you get the occasional return visitor, but something’s definitely got to give. So how do you get more website traffic? There are many ways to get more visitors on your site […]

Website Budget Guidelines - MoonBase3

How Much Do Websites Cost? A Look At What You Can Get With Your Budget

I often compare the web industry to the contracting industry. It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories of homeowners who put their trust into a contractor and end up over budget and unhappy with the final product. The same is true for the web industry. As a client, it’s important to know what you want […]