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How To Get Started Redesigning Your Website

How to Get Started When Redesigning Your Website

Whether it’s been six months or six years, every website needs redesigning when changes in technology or business practices occur. You might have a new product line, service, or branding refresh to share, or you could simply need to update your digital presence to reflect a more current technical framework. Either way, realizing you need […]

Your Top 5 Website Development Questions Answered Honestly

Your Top 5 Website Development Questions Answered (Honestly!)

1. How Much Will My Project Cost? This is usually the number one question we get asked. And the honest answer is that it depends – but on what? Cost depends entirely on the type of website you want to build. Are there a few pages of content or an entire encyclopedia? Will it require […]

Google circa 1998

12 Hints That You Might Need To Rethink Your Website

Is your website out of date? Still using an animated flaming skull gif or red, bold, underlined text to emphasize your CTA? You probably need a new website. It only works on Internet Explorer When Geocities went down, so did your website Your blog is hosted on LiveJournal You have a visitor counter It has […]

They Transform Physical Landscapes, We Transformed Their Digital One

www.breathofspring.com The Company: Breath of Spring is a landscape design company lead by Anne Gaillard, with a team of incredibly well trained professionals who have been creating transformational landscapes for over a quarter of a century. They offer the full spectrum of services, from site analysis, through site development to complete installation including masonry. The […]

3 Growing Trends in Web Design

Here are 3 growing web design trends that everyone should know about, especially if you are considering creating a new website or updating your current one. #1 – Responsive Design An estimated 25% of web-viewing is happening via a mobile device – did you know that? Responsive Design (in short) gives your website the ability […]