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3 Keys to a Great 404 Page (Plus One Bonus)

If you have a website, it’s inevitable – someone will come across a page that doesn’t exist. Whether it’s a blog post you moved or a mistyped link, users are bound to come across a 404 page at one point or another. Most WordPress themes thankfully come with custom 404 pages, but if you’ve got […]

5 Easy Tips to Secure Your WordPress Site & Prevent Hacking

5 Easy Tips to Secure Your WordPress Site & Prevent Hacking

WordPress is the backbone for approximately 25% of the websites online today. For that very reason, it’s a major target for hackers. At MB3, we do a lot of work with WordPress, and so we often make recommendations to our clients on keeping their sites secure. Here are the top 5 pieces of advice we […]

5 Web Apps I Can’t Live Without

There’s no denying it – web apps are at the core of pretty much every modern business. We love using them at MoonBase3 almost as much as we love building them for our clients. There is a much longer list of the ones we use daily (more on that later), but here are the top […]

What You Need To Know To Work Digital Marketing Into A Small Budget

Google Business Page This is one of the first things you should do when your business goes online and you’re starting to look at digital marketing. You can claim your Google Business Page absolutely free, and it allows you to show up at the top right in most Google search results relating to your company. […]

Advanced Wordpress Plugins To Install

3 Advanced WordPress Plugins Worth Installing

A few weeks ago we shared five basic WordPress plugins we usually install when building a new site. This week, we’re sharing three of the more advanced plugins we install. Advanced plugins aren’t necessarily difficult or complex to understand, but their versatility and behind-the-scenes code are more robust and can accomplish more intricate tasks than […]

Tips for Purchasing a WordPress Theme

What to Look For When Purchasing a WordPress Theme

The WordPress platform opens up a world of possibilities – it allows you to install a whole host of custom plugins, themes and other modifications that can help make your website visually unique, fully integrated, and very secure without having to know a lot of code. So what should you look for when buying a […]

5 Basic Wordpress Plugins

5 Basic WordPress Plugins Worth Installing

WordPress represents a huge part of the internet. There are more than 76.5 million websites built with WordPress, and with 50,000 new WordPress websites added daily, that number continues to rise. It’s kind of a big deal. It’s no secret that we love WordPress, and we work with it on a lot of projects. One […]